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What Is The “General Applicability” Rent Increase For 2018?  

The District of Columbia government recently published the Index which provides the basis of the formula for rent increases of general applicability. The CPI index is certified to be 1.1%, making the permissible rent increase 3.1% (CPI +2%). If you have elderly or disabled tenants there is a new index, so the permissible rent increase is limited to .3% (now the Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment [“SS COLA”]). You may remember that legislation was passed last year limiting the rent increase for disabled or elderly tenants to the lesser of (i) the CPI, (ii) 5% of rent charged, or (iii) SS COLA and this is the first year this new formula is in effect.

This rent increase is applicable for the period of May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019.

Do be sure to comply with all notice and filing requirements under the Rent Control Act in order to make your rent increase legal, or to avoid waving your right to implement it going forward.




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